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Nine years ago, on Black Friday, Patagonia took out a full-page ad in the New York Times with the headline: Don’t Buy This Jacket. Today, we stand on the precipice of a climate crisis to which the fashion industry — and Black Friday itself — have undoubtedly contributed. Our message to citizens everywhere is: You have the power to change the way clothes are made. In simple terms, Buy Less, Demand More.

Buy Less

As customers, we are bombarded with messages telling us about “Sustainable”, “Conscious”, “Green” collections. …

Chris Wallace, Fox News Sunday

Steve Scully, C-SPAN Networks

Kristen Welker, NBC News

Susan Page, USA Today

Dear Mr. Wallace, Mr. Scully, Ms. Welker, Ms. Page:

As proud members of the outdoor industry, we write to urge you to put climate change and the protection of public lands and outdoor spaces front and center in all the upcoming presidential and vice-presidential debates.

The climate crisis is no longer a far-off threat — it’s directly harming the health and safety of Americans across the nation. This summer, wildfires, hurricanes, and extreme weather conditions have cost billions in destruction and scarred wild…

By: Vincent Stanely, Director of Patagonia Philosophy

A few days after the governor ordered us all inside, I noticed the color of the sky — a deep blue, somewhere between marine and cobalt, of a particular shade I’d never seen in Southern California. In my youth our state had only half its current population, engaged in about a fifth of today’s economic activity. Times were slower, but the skies never deepened this way in the days when gasoline still contained lead. The current muffling of freeway traffic (social isolation for cars!) means a quieter neighborhood by day and more brilliant…

On Friday, Columbia Sportwear Company and Patagonia joined forces to fight climate change. Together we filed an amicus “friend of the court” brief in a lawsuit challenging the Trump administration’s effort to roll back the Clean Power Plan.

This is the summary from the brief, click here for the full brief.

Amici curiae Patagonia Works (Patagonia) and Columbia Sportswear Company (Columbia) produce outdoor apparel, footwear, and equipment to help people access and enjoy the world’s wild places. The climate crisis threatens to disrupt the foundation upon which the outdoor recreation economy is built. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) decision…

№19–1140 (and consolidated cases)

In the United States Court of Appeals
for the District of Columbia Circuit

ANDREW WHEELER, Administrator,

On Petition for Review of a Final Agency Action of
the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


Robert Tadlock
Patagonia Works
259 W. Santa Clara St.
Ventura, CA 93001

Peter J. Bragdon
Columbia Sportswear Company
14375 NW Science Park Drive
Portland, OR 97229

Ethan G…

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This article is re-posted with permission from Organic Insider.

By Stephanie Strom for Organic Insider

Nov. 6, 2019

Dominating the headlines recently has been a study out of the UK which claims that organic farming is bad for the environment.

Not exactly.

In the report, which assesses the potential changes to net greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions if England and Wales shifted to 100% organic food production, it clearly acknowledges that organic farming might contribute to a reduction in GHG emissions “through decreased use of farm inputs and increased soil carbon sequestration.”

Nonetheless, the authors contend that organic’s positive environmental impact…

The extinction crisis is only political if you think the facts are debatable.

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Illustration by Matt Blease

Recycling Is Broken. Now What?

By Michele Bianchi

Patagonia is no stranger to the difficulty of throwing stuff away. We take back 100 percent of the gear you return for recycling through our Worn Wear program. In 2018, we recycled 6,797 pounds of products. But we can’t recycle or repair everything you send us. Some of it was just too well-loved during use (you’re totally using it right — keep at it). Other products smell too bad to be repurposed (thank you, dirtbags, for keeping the spirit — and bacteria — alive). If we can’t find a market or if there isn’t yet a technology…

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A mother and her three grizzly cubs in northwest Montana. Photo: Steven Gnam

Rose Marcario, President & CEO, Patagonia

A recent report from the United Nations confirms that as many as one million animal and plant species are in danger of disappearing forever in the coming decades, largely because of climate change and our reckless use of land and resources. Humans are cutting down too many trees, catching too many fish, spraying too many chemicals, and extracting and burning too many fossil fuels. …

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Photo: Marc Toso

Despite months of rhetoric claiming his respect for Teddy Roosevelt’s legacy of public lands protection, Secretary Zinke revealed he is just another politician looking to exploit and develop America’s public lands at the expense of our children and grandchildren. Secretary Zinke’s recommendation that the president shrink the boundaries of Bears Ears National Monument ignores the law and public outcry, including over one million comments in support of monument status. Bears Ears holds irreplaceable cultural, ecological and recreational value and it needs our protection. If the president decides to usurp Congress’s authority and shrink the boundaries on his own, Patagonia will take legal action to defend our public lands. We hope everyone who cares about public lands will continue to let their voices be heard.

– Rose Marcario, President and CEO, Patagonia


Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.

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